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Situation in Group C: Italy may well be family interaction to do away

Torres, Silva, Fabregas goals, helping Spain's 4-0 victory over Ireland. The adventure before group, Italy a 1-1 draw with Croatia. After 2, Spain 1 wins plus a draw with four points, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, two games are negative bottom. Trapattoni's Ireland, has also get to be the first team of your current European Cup team to end up being eliminated. However, the Italian situation is fairly delicate, fate will not be within the hands, whenever the final battle, Spain and Croatia brian urlacher orange jersey kicked outside the 2-2 draw, the Azzurri might be eliminated!
This group, the Spanish outlet just isn't difficult, earphones beat Croatia, bullfighting Corps could be to top the audience that your last eight. Similarly, Croatia victory over Spain, within the group visit the fore. Has bid farewell to the on-going European Cup after two games in Ireland are negative, they end up being the first team that they are eliminated. Italy qualify is not really in their own hands, there could be also the specific situation of 2004, Sweden and Denmark join forces to perform away
Group C teams may qualify:
Spain wins Croatia wins Ireland, Italy,
In it, Spain 7 points top the group qualify, Italy 5 points Two qualifying, Croatia that they are eliminated;
Spain negative Croatia wins Ireland, Italy,
Spain upset to get rid of, then 3 war with four points, Croatia 7 points, Italian victory definately will qualify;
Spain ping Croatia wins Ireland, Italy,
This is the most complex case, if Spain's draw with Croatia, Italy win 2-2 or draw, three team points to 5 points, and compare the effect on the relationship coming from a draw, after which it compare regarding the goal difference, are 0, the sum of the group of goals and compare the group before, Spain and Croatia for three goals, Italy 2 ball, so Italy was eliminated.
If Spain 1-1 draw with Croatia, Italy beat Ireland? Normally, the mutual relationship between your outcome of important teams, goal difference, comparable to the overall lots of goals, and competition on goal difference, 4 Spain, Croatia 2, so Italy Womens Steve Smith Jersey need more than 3-1 victory, if you want to beat Croatia qualify Even Italy's 2-0 enlighten Ireland, also was eliminated because a reduced amount of the total availablility of goals.
Spain 0-0 draw with Croatia, Italy beat Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, are 5 points, the situation amongst the upshot of a few of the teams playing in the tie, compare mutual goal difference, still a tie, but competition together the full availablility of goals , Italy 2 ball dominated qualifying. Spain and Croatia, PK, the actual end result on the relationship of the two teams, goal difference, the same lots of goals, but Spain's total goal difference more, so Spanish qualifying second through the group on goal difference advantage.
In summary, Italy To qualify, make sure you win the Irish. Spain last Ww1 simply need a draw can qualify, if no 0-0 draw, Spain top the audience. Italy's fate is in the hands of others, on condition that Spain and Croatia beaten 2-2 or draw, Italy might be out.
Attachment: when the same points, and decided i would get certified in these particular manner:
(a)the effects of one's relationship from your team total score (three teams score the identical war by these teams to determine)
(b) goal difference between the teams (two even more than they in points)
(c) involving the teams, the overall volume of goals (two even more than the group in points)
(d) group stage game goal difference
(e) group stage game total goals
(f) the integral with the UEFA country ranking system
(g) Fair Play ranking through the qualifiers
(h) draw lots decide on It is composed by natelevoxllc 06.15.2012 Tag: Adrian Wilson cardinals jersey




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