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Rome 5 days to learn three games are going to be invited to fight Liverpool

Rome with the official website announced that America plan. From July 22 to July 27, Rome shall be removed in three U.S. cities to try out three friendly matches. Inside of a friendly match on July 25, Rome will likely be against Customized Packers nike Elite Jersey Liverpool.
In accordance while using the Rome's official website reported, in Rome, July 22 in Chicago up against the Polish team Lubin, July 25 Rome, he gone after Boston, against Liverpool, Rome, July 27 in Big apple resistant to the El Salvador national team. Rome within five days from July 22 to July 27, has removed significant American cities, Chicago, Boston and New York, pre and post playing three games.
Against Liverpool on July 25, Rome september, United States the biggest event. The overall game is in Boston's Fenway Park. The center of Borigni, the adventure boasts a special meaning. Last season Borigni in Rome, successfully started, recently defected towards teacher to join Liverpool. At the same time, Borigni going to go deep into battle against former team for Rome.
United States a perfect Roman summer re-entering the next stage. From July 5 to July 17, the Roman team in Zeman resulted in risco within training, physical Zeman emphasis. To date, Rome has kicked three games July 8, 9-0 victory covering the local team, 2-0 defeat Severin July 14. With Vienna Customized Vikings nike Elite Jersey on July 17,, leave risco, Rome, quick kick with the game. With Pjanic and Pizarro's goal, Roma 2-1 win.
After playing the game play with Rapid Vienna, Rome team revisit an italian man , capital. July 19, Rome will probably be gathering from the Olympic Stadium as well as local fans. Then, Rome will probably be arranged to meet up with the brand new aid and also the fans, as an illustration: Tricastin, a good deal, and Bradley. , Rome has actually been finalized the Greek midfielder Tachtsidis, transfer, however club is actually not officially announced. In accordance with the ANSA news agency reported that Denktash Teixido Judith will also be officially unveiled. It is composed by nacustomizednflshop 07.19.2012 Tag: customized dallas cowboys jersey




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