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Ferdinand because on Twitter mocking Ashley Cole be prosecuted

Terry categories of discrimination Ferdinand incident follow-up storm wave after wave, following FA announced its prosecution Terry Eli Manning Nike Elite Jersey settle scores, last week the FA announced the prosecution mockery of an on Twitter - Cole come in court to helpTerry elution counts of Ferdinand.
Terry suspicion of racial discrimination small Ferdinand Hodgson abandoned into the unity of England Man utd defender Rio - Rio Ferdinand, following European Cup, the British court after a few days of trial, also announced that Terry no small Ferdinand racial discrimination acquitted, being black Ashley Cole also played a vital role to teammate Terry testified in court.
For this reason, very unhappy with Ferdinand on Twitter mocking Ashley Cole is definitely a traitor to black people, was one of many fans on Twitter, Ferdinand said: It may resemble Ashley Cole may become their choc ice, he'll for a second time donrrrt traitor. really a shame. choc ice with the English word means dark-skinned but contained in the product is white black, they always prefer to curry favor together with the whites, had invented to refer to blacks in the nation. Ferdinand Shea McClellin Nike Elite Jersey immediately replied that Twitter said: I saw you, Choc ice the term is often a classic!
Followed by Rio Ferdinand will quickly be deleted Twitter and clarify misunderstandings, Ashley Cole also announced which could not mind the difficulty, nonetheless FA thought to investigate at the conclusion, the FA said in a statement wrote: FA on Manchester United Ferdinand on Twitter improper remarks on his prosecution, these remarks involving race, ethnicity, allows football into disrepute, Ferdinand respond before 4 pm on August 2, 2012. It is composed by nairvyl 07.31.2012 Tag: David Wilson Nike Elite Jersey




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